Finding auto parts for my 4-wheel drive

3 Tips for Selecting Good Replacement Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers enable your car to handle properly especially when driving in difficult conditions. It is important to inspect your shocks every 24,000-50,000 km, and you should replace all four whenever you find one that isn't performing optimally. Your choice of replacement shocks is very important to your car's overall performance, especially if you carry heavy loads, tow trailers or drive in rough terrain. This article discusses important points to note when buying replacement shock absorbers. Read More 

Top Reasons Why You Should Go for Turbocharged Engines

The world over, emissions regulations are becoming stringent with time and manufacturers are constantly being challenged to create engines that satisfy the end users while at the same time are environmental friendly. As a result, many manufacturers have been exploring turbocharged engine options because of the benefits they have. Some of these are discussed below Efficient Fuel Consumption Turbo engines use lesser fuel when compared to non-turbocharged producing the same amount of power. Read More 

Diesel Engine Servicing: Top Signs You Need to Change Your Glow Plugs

Diesel engines usually perform better than their petrol counterparts in terms of extracting more mechanical energy or power from a given amount of fuel. They tend to last longer, are more reliable and efficient, and require less maintenance mainly because ignition tune-ups aren't needed. However, maintenance is still needed to ensure optimum performance. Regular diesel engine service is one way to ensure your engine is properly maintained and it involves aspects such as frequent changing of the air filters, the oils and faulty parts. Read More 

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Finding auto parts for my 4-wheel drive

I love going 4-wheel driving with my family. My son is just learning how to drive and he is quite rough on the brakes and gears when we are offroading, so we have to regularly look for new auto parts for the car. It can be quite expensive to find 4-wheel drive parts so it's important to find a creative solution to finding affordable auto parts. This blog has some tips that we have found useful over the past few years for saving money when looking for auto parts. It should be useful to anyone who loves 4-wheel driving on a limited budget.